DIY:Make Your Own Wine Bottle Wraps For Easy Gift Giving And Money Saving

Wine bottles are great choice as a gift items for any occasions. Gift wrapping wine bottles in a wine bag is a bit expensive or if you choose to carry them in a paper bag they may tear. So how to beautifully gift wrap wine bottles in a cost effective way?

Martha Sewart has a simple do it yourself tutorial for beautiful wrapping two wine bottles using a fabric of your choice.


Step 1. Lay a squared fabric in a diamond shape

Step 2. Place the wine bottles close to the bottom of diamond shape with necks facing out.

Step 3. Wrap the bottom of the fabric around the bottles and then roll the bottles upwards.

Step 4. Hold the ears of the wrapped material and tie them as a knot. Make sure that base of the bottles is proper so that bottles can stand.

Step 5. Decorate the knot by attaching a small gift or anything you like. That’s it. You are done.

Images: Martha Sewart

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