Easily Choose And Remember Different Password For Different Websites

Do you have a single password for most of the websites you login everyday? If you do have only one password, what happens if someone steals your password and access almost all your online accounts – mail, social networking, professional, personal finance, etc? You are toast.

It’s always good to have different passwords for different sites. But the problem is – how do we remember so many passwords as most of us login to at least a dozen sites? Here comes Mozilla, the developer of famous Firefox browser, with a set of easy tips that lets us easily remember different passwords for different websites. Check this video

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1 thought on “Easily Choose And Remember Different Password For Different Websites”

  1. Balachander Ganesan

    Just changing the prefix or suffix based on sites is just equivalent to having same password for all sites.

    Instead another phrase which could make you remember that site may be good.

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