Fix it – Button from Microsoft to fix computer problems

fixitFirst of all let me start by saying – “My long pending dream came true”. Whenever we encounter a problem using a PC that runs on microsoft we go searching online for solutions to those problems. We end up on websites that tells us steps to fix it or a page from Microsoft that tells us the detailed steps to perform. I always thought that why cant this steps be packed as a file/script/executable and we could just click and our job is done. Tada ! Here is it ! best part is its given by Microsoft itself.

You might not see this icon practically on all the web pages that solve issues and suggest steps. But I was able to find this icons on the common issues that we would search for. This would grow in the coming days. It is not a must that we should use this icon. You can still follow the steps manually and fix these problems.

We end up seeing the error reporting screen often which has a button “Send report” and “Do not send report” when a program crashes. Now Microsoft it adding this button in this screen. It would fix an error.

The question that pop’s up in my mind is the steps found in the screen does do something to our system internals and does access our hard disks. If Microsoft can do it ? Why can’t i find a way to do it ?

Read more about Fix It in the Microsoft site.

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