Forget URLs and Start Using Natural Browsing Support Of Firefox

Firefox LogoWe browse many web sites daily and the new web sites that add up to our browsing list keep growing daily. But how do we remember the URLs of all these web sites?

It is very difficult to remember URLs of all the web sites that we want to browse. It is not only the  problem of memorizing the URLs but also we often type wrong URLs and land in wrong pages ( instead of that may be potentially harmful. How do we overcome this problem?

Here comes Firefox and Google Search to rescue us. The URL bar of Firefox is integrated with Google’s Browse By Name search feature that allows us to open a web site by typing its name. For example if you want to open Facebook website, you just need to type facebook in the URL bar of Firefox and hit enter. Firefox automatically identifies and opens Facebook home page (try NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Disney Land, Yahoo Mail, eBay, etc). Natural Browsing with Firefox is cool. Isn’t it?

Natural browsing of Firefox works with almost all the reasonably well-known web sites. Here is the list of advantages of using Firefox natural browsing feature

  1. Safety. If we type the URL, we may misspell at times and that may land us in malicious/annoying ad  web sites.
  2. Saves lot of time as we don’t need to type lengthy URLs.
  3. Saves memory cells of your brain as we don’t need to remember URLs :)

Hope you enjoyed this tip. Whether you like this tip or not, let us hear what you think through comments.

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