Google Chrome – How to restore your privacy with blank New Tab Page

Most of us love using Google Chrome browser but not its privacy invading features. The most annoying feature is its new tab page that shows thumbnails of frequently visited websites.

I use Chrome at work as well as at home and always find it annoying to see all websites I browse on leisure popping up on a new tab at work. Though  there are ways to  maintain multiple profiles to isolate personal browsing history from work, its not easy as well as it has its own limitations – need a second account to setup work profile, can’t share bookmarks between profiles, need to maintain two set of plugins and their configurations. Maintaining a second profile is definitely not a simple task.


All I needed is to get rid of the frequently visited website thumbnails on new tab page to protect my privacy and unfortunately Google Chrome does not support it out of the box. But fortunately there are several plugins that makes Chrome more useful and Empty New Tab Page plugin is all I needed to restore privacy.

As described by the developer of the plugin it sticks to the principle of Keep It Simple Stupid!!  Install the plugin and it cleans up everything on new tab page in a single sweep – no more frequently visited website thumbnails, search box or the custom backgrounds. It gives you a blank page and you will like it.

After installation Chrome complained about the plugin hijacking new tab page functionality and provided options to disable it. I ignored the complaints once or twice and Chrome was fine.

Its a simple and very useful plugin. Try Empty New Tab Page plugin and you will not be disappointed




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