How to cool down your car fast on a hot day ?

Image Credit: scorcher by Bug-E, on Flickr

When its a hot day and you left your car is out there in the sun. When you come back and want to go somewhere its not easy. You can make french fries for free in there ! After trying quite a few things, I found out a good way to chill out soon. Well its going to take a min or so to do it. I understand that when you see the car you just want to grab the AC and turn it on and put it in full blow mode as soon as you reach you car. Be calm for a min, let this magic work. When you reach you car…

1. Open all your windows
2. Open all your doors, if you have a hatch back car open the car boot also.
3.Leave it all open for at lest 30-60 seconds. All the packed up heat inside the car goes out. Now your car has the same temperature as the outside.
4. Get into your car, turn on the AC fan (without the AC on) for about 5-10 seconds (with full blow speed). This helps to get  fresh air from outside.
5. Raise your car front windows. Turn on the AC (with full fan speed)
6. Now you can start driving, After a min or so raise your back windows and turn the AC blower to your normal blow level.

What takes 1/2 hour to cool your car is now done within minutes

PS: Hey!  Hatch back car guys dont forget to close your boot before you start driving ;)

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