How To Lock Idle Computer Automatically

Lock How many times you left the computer without locking and worried that someone is going to sneak into your personal mails & documents? At office many of us face this problem quite often.

How about locking the computer automatically when left idle for sometime? Well that will be very helpful. To lock a computer automatically we don’t need any software or special tools. All we need to do is to set a screen screensaver and configure it to ask for password on resume. That’s a very simple solution right?

In all the versions of Windows Operating systems (XP, Vista, Windows 7, etc), it is possible to configure to activate a screensaver after a desired amount of idle time and ask for password on resume.

The below screen capture of Windows 7 shows the configuration settings required to automatically lock the PC after 5 minutes of idle time(in other versions of Windows the options are more or less same)


I’m not a big fan of screensavers also I consider it’s little annoying to set flashy screensavers at work place. So I choose Blank as the screensaver.

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