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How To Quickly Create A Desktop Shortcut Of A Website In IE & Firefox

World Wide Web Creating a desktop shortcut of a frequently visited web site saves you lot of time. In Firefox there is no direction menu option to create a desktop short but Internet Explorer 7.0 allows you to create one by following the menu path File->Send To-> Shortcut to Desktop. This is a traditional way. Now lets see another quick option that works in both IE and Firefox to create the desktop short cut.

  1. Open the browser (IE/Firefox) and browse to the page that you want to create a short cut
  2. Resize the browser so that you can see both desktop and browser
  3. Drag and drop the small icon on the left of the address bar on your desktop. The shortcut will be created.

Quickly Creating Website Shortcut On Desktop

Now all you need to go to favourite website is to double click the desktop icon. You can even consider assigning a keyboard shortcut to the desktop shortcut icon to launch the favourite in much faster way.

Happy browsing!!