How To Check Google Page Rank Of a Web Page In Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome Logo To judge the authority of a web site I depend on Google Page Rank score. As Google Toolbar is not available for Google Chrome browser I was finding very tough to judge the authority of a web site while using Chrome.

To solve the problem, today I wrote a small bookmarklet that allows to check page rank of any web page in Google Chrome browser. Just drag the Google PageRank bookmarklet on to your bookmarks toolbar and click on it when ever you want to check the page rank.  If your browser bookmark toolbar is hidden, please press CTRL+B to view the toolbar.

Check Google Page Rank Of A Web Page In Chrome Browser

Hope this small bookmarklet enhances your Google Chrome browsing experience. Don’t forget to let me know what you think about this bookmarklet.

Drag Google PageRank Bookmarklet on to your browser bookmarks bar

Update 1: You can use this bookmarklet in Firefox as well as Internet Explorer browsers to check page rank

Update 2: You can check page rank of any web page or web site using this free Google PageRank Checking Tool

26 thoughts on “How To Check Google Page Rank Of a Web Page In Google Chrome Browser”

  1. Almost got excited….

    Your code is broken. This is what I see your app’s window:

    Warning: simplexml_load_string() [function.simplexml-load-string]: Entity: line 6: parser error : Opening and ending tag mismatch: hr line 5 and body in /nfs/c04/h04/mnt/69206/domains/ on line 59

  2. Great tool. I was quite content with FF till recently when it just kept crashing. Got fed up and decided to switch to Chrome. Missing my PR checker and Google Bookmarks. At least now I got a PR checker…

  3. Thanks alot man,, i dont wanna use firefox never again now with google chrome,, but without the pagerank i thought i would keep with firefox,, thanks bro…

  4. great job on the bookmarklet, one reason im not fully using chrome is because of the PR ranking, why google didnt include or built in the chrome makes me wonder?

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  8. Hmmm … how do I do that? I mean “Drag Google Page Rank on to your browser bookmarks bar” ? In my chrome browser I can not see any bookmark bar.

    I think what Rob mean is (as i have the same experience like him) … your service tend to check the PageRank of the page that we visit and not the pagerank of the domain if we open page like

    But this is a great service, I like it so much

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