How To View Hidden Files In FileZilla FTP Client Application

FileZilla_logo Using FileZilla I tried accessing .htaccess file available on the root folder of techdreams blog, but I could not locate it. After searching for the reasons why the .htaccess file is not visible, I understood that by default FileZilla client does not display the hidden files available on the FTP Servers(.htaccess files are hidden files)

In order to view hidden files on FTP servers, you should force FileZilla to display them by selecting the options

  • in FileZilla 3.x: Server > Force showing hidden files
  • in FileZilla 2.x: View > Show hidden files

In v3.x,  FileZilla prompts you a warning message indicating that some FTP servers does not support this option. I tried this option with dreamhost servers and it worked without any issues.

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