iPod/iPhone Tips: How To Free Yourself From iTunes With SharePod

SharePod is a light weighted iTunes alternative that you can launch directly from any windows PC even no need of administrative rights.This one feature itself has won the popularity for this free utility to manage iPods/iPhones at the work places, where it usually requires admin privileges for installing any applications.


This tiny app has already made the LifeHacker‘s most popular free windows downloads of 2008.The real power of the application lies in its GUI, which make accessing your music so simple and smooth.

SharePod latest releases also supports new iPhones and iPod touches along with as usual iPod nanos.In addition to basic music playback features it supports complete iPod back up feature and copying entire or individual tracks from iPod to PC and vice versa.Now with the SharePod we can edit the albums art work or share your albums to friends very easily unlike the complex iTunes apps.

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