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Fixing Windows Vista Update KB947562 Installation Error

Windows Update Image We had tough times in installing the Microsoft Vista Windows Update KB9475562 that was released few weeks ago. It always fails to install when ever Windows Automatic Update runs and displays annoying alerts in System tray.

The following screen shot image displays Windows Update history that recorded close to 12 + attempts of KB947562 failed installation.

Fixing KB947562 Installation Error

Few minutes of Googling provided a simple solution to install the update manually. Here are the simple steps to be followed to install the update manually

  1. Launch Internet Explorer browser (Firefox does not work as we need to validate Windows) and point the browser to Windows Update KB947562 page
  2. Validate your Windows Vista operating system and download the installable manually
  3. Log off from Internet
  4. Close any anti virus & anti spyware application if they are running
  5. Manually install the downloaded update by double clicking it
  6. Restart the computer