How To Restore Firefox Options To Default Without Uninstalling

Firefox plugins are awesome and they are the pillars for the huge success of Firefox browser. Plugins vary from simple ones like changing color scheme of the browser to powerful ones likes changing the behavior of the browser itself. Recently I installed one of the powerful Firefox plugins and played around to tweak the behavior of the browser. At the end of my half an hour play, Firefox has completely become useless and stopped rending web pages properly.

To continue using Firefox I had to restore it to default settings. But I don’t like to uninstall and then install it again as it’s a time consuming process and also I’ll loose all the plugins I’m using. How did I restore the default settings in a single click?

Default Settings Restore Through Safe Mode Options

It’s very easy to restore default settings of Firefox with the safe mode options. All we need to do is

1.  Close all the Firefox browser windows that are open

2. Launch Firefox in safe mode


3. Choose the option Reset all user preferences to Firefox defaults


4. Click on Make Changes and Restart button.

Note: When Firefox restore the default settings, it erases all the stored passwords, browser history and other settings you have done.

That’s all. This excellent feature of Firefox saved me from great pain and hope it’s going to help you too.

1 thought on “How To Restore Firefox Options To Default Without Uninstalling”

  1. everytime I goto run menu with firefox closed…I type exactly as I see on this site. firefox -safe-mode it just opens the firefox window to search the internet everyf***kin time. How the hell you restore settings without doing safemode cause, its just pointless. It will only open a NEW window everytime.

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