View, Select, Edit content and Print a web page online

We come across so many websites that we like the content, we also feel like taking a print the content alone or content with selected pictures of that website. Its often a tedious task as we have to copy it to a word document and edit the contents like remove ad’s, graphics, large images, background colors etc etc. There is a one stop solution to all this.

There is a website that will allow you to enter the URL of the page you would like to print and give you a interface that will…

allow you to edit the page like removing items, change the color of the page, font used to display the page. You can select certain part of the page make it wider, remove it or isolate it.

The selection is very easy and the user does not need to know anything about editing a webpage. All the user needs to know is to point a mouse and do a click. There are standard buttons on the left side of the page you would like to edit and it almost has all the usual options that we would be using.

This is a great online site for printing pages; we don’t have to look for “print printer friendly version” icons anywhere in the site from now on.

Sounds like magic? 

Click here to experiance it

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