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Trace Mobile Number Location And Service Provider

Want to find out details of an unknown person’s mobile phone number? Here is a free service that lets you know instantaneously details of an Indian mobile phone number. Just enter first four digits of the mobile number(eg: 9840) and click on Locate.

Note: This service can not trace  real time location of a mobile or consider Mobile Number portability


  1. Avipank 027

    please add up providing some more minute information like which area the user stay in given helps a lot

  2. Vinay_lips

    please add an additional service to records complaints faced by mobile users who are forced to know the details of a number if they are been harassed and also necessary action that needs to be taken against such complaints as soon as possible

  3. savi liegise

    an old Oriya tenant who is contemporary of my late parents had just went back to his home State Orissa in early February 2012. He had lived here, Nagaland,  for about 30 years while my parents were still alive. He left for home due to old age. His eldest son ran away from home over 20 years ago.  He lost contact with this son. I too tried to find his whereabouts, but failed. I pitied this old man for his own son deserted him when he needed him most. Now, a self-made man with a wife and son, this lost son re-appeared and has taken the responsibility of taking care of his mother and father in old age (This is indeed a happy story!). After he reached his home state, he called me up from a friends mobile. Later i lost him. But three days back, i received a call from an unknown number but i couldn’t take the call as i was deep in a meeting. I wanted to find out the location/area from where this call came. So there, i tried this Teach Dreams mobile tracer service and found out the number and call came from Orissa. I called back the same number to find out…. and there !! now i found back this nice old tenant and friend of my parents, esp my mom bcoz he worked so hard in my mother’s garden for so long ! Thanks to Tech Dreams, i am able to retrace this nice old friend whose face and presence has a nostalgic effect on me !! I greatly appreciate this Tech Dream service !! This is a great service to people in need !!! THANKS to those who have provided this service ! Keep it up !

    • techdreams

      Savi Liegies, your story is very touching and we are very happy to hear that our service helped you locate the loved one. 

        • Nancy Paul

          MBno.9554168003 Was issued on my name but it was given to my wife sshe started staying seperately when i wanted to close the sim , i was informed that no is transported to other service provider ,so kindly help me to locate (a)service provider (b) addresssubmitted while transporting to other service

  4. sanjay

    How I could find the location from where I got the sms. How I could stop the satalite which was I am filling after picking up an mobile withe simcard somebody missplaying with me by sendng rong thoughts & sending songs with loudly from that I got disturb my family life.

  5. Anil

    can u suggest me any other application or site which can gv me d name n perfect address from an mobile number….
    Act i dont wanna misuse of dis bt evryday sm1 msgng n giving calls from diff n new numbers so plz help me…….

    • Gopinath

      I don’t think it’s possible to get such information. You need to contact the your mobile phone operator for such information. May be they will help you if you have a strong case.

  6. Hesther

    Nitin,what is available on the link is raw data, what we provided over here is information . For a common man, to dig the raw data is not an easy task. So our service helps them to just enter the mobile phone number and get the details of City/State & service provider.

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  8. Jitendra

    May I know when wi8ll your widget for the tracing purpose be released as I am interested in putting that to my website…

    Its wonderful!

    • Gopinath

      I think we can easily find out by just calling the number. If you want to check the usage of the anonymously, use a public phone.

    • Gopinath

      It is not possible to find name of the person using this service. This service can tell you only city/state, service provider(airtel, bsnl etc) information of a mobile number.

      If you want to find out details of a person, please approach the service provider of the number.

  9. gokul

    kindly give me the details to find the persons phone number history r number with keeping the IP Address and place. Pls let us know hw to find the number and details

  10. akif

    its good but common, we are getting from u only state but we want current city hw can i get it i m not asking for addrss but asking for current location city

  11. SURENDAR99

    wow this is an outstanding work keep it up , and can you tell me how to put this service on my website. :) :wub:

  12. anu

    Hi i want to know the mobile number starting with 9590 in which state;s number? Here the following error shows.
    Oops! Our database does not contain information about this number.

  13. Guest

    Here jst state mantioned no mor details available ,, !!

    i want more info of given number ,, if any site !! pls give me

    • Gopinath

      what is available on the link is raw data, what we provided over here is information :). For a common man, to dig the raw data is not an easy task. So our service helps them to just enter the mobile phone number and get the details of City/State & service provider.

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