Finding Free Stuff Via Twitter Is Just a Click Away

Freezly_what_is_free_today_on_twitterWe all love free stuff. On the net many contests are being conducted by blogs, portals and product vendors to promote their business. The range of giveaways varies from food, t-shirts to Macs.

But finding free stuff is not an easy task. It’s tough to dig through the results of Google search and identify the free stuff.

How about a website that is just dedicated to identify the free stuff? That will be great. If that web site is identifying the free stuff from the real-time info of Twitter? Woww!!!

Here comes Freezly, a Twitter powered service that finds free stuff and then shows you how hot is that giveaway based on the number of retweets. The discovery algorithm of Freezly is very efficient in identifying only the giveaways from the millions of tweets and then arranges in an easily navigable way – Recently Hot, Hot in 24 hours and Hot in 7 days.

So If you are hunting for some free stuff then Freezly is the right place to start with. Check it out right now.

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