The Easiest Way To Share Pages On Twitter With Any Browser

If you are a Twitter addict, you may get annoyed when you don’t find an easy way to share a page with your Twitter followers.

Many of the blogs/web pages may not have easily accessible tweet button. They may be be burred as part of the sharing widgets like addthis / sharethis. The other problem we often encounter with re-tweet buttons is – they may not shorten the URLs of the page and forces us to manually shorten them. The worst case is some blogs don’t even provide tweet buttons.

You may say “hey i love to use a browser add-on for sharing. so I don’t need any tweet buttons.”. But there is problem with that too. Browser add-on are specific to a browser and many times they may not be available on all the browsers, especially Internet Explorer. Don’t tell me that you don’t use IE any more. We are forced to use IE at times as a site may not render properly on IE or at work place we are not allowed to install the browser of our choice.

Would not it be nice if there an easy and consistent way to share pages with our twitter followers in all the browsers? Here come official Twitter Bookmarklet.

Just drag and drop this link on browser’s bookmark bar – Share on Twitter and you are all set.


This bookmarklet from Twitter works with all the browsers and the using it is very easy. With one click, it pick ups the title of the current page and shortens the URL and makes everything ready for you to share. Just click on the Tweet button are you are done.

If you wish to customize the tweet, this bookmarklet makes it easy by automatically highlighting the text part of the tweet(see the highlighted text in above image). With one keystroke you can easily remove the selected text and type what ever you want. Isn’t that useful?

Thanks to Twitter team for giving us this very useful and easy to use bookmarklet.

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