The Six Ways You Should Be Using Twitter To Be More Productive And GTD Faster

twitter-logo Twitter is insanely popular and the number ways people are using twitter is countless. Lifehacker has listed down the minimal six ways we should be using Twitter to be more productive and get things faster

1. Instant, Real-Time Search Results 

Google search is awesome and no one else is capable to retrieving the information as accurate as Google. But Google is not capable to unearthing up to the minute live  information and that’s where Twitter comes. Twitter  search is awesome. On any current affairs we can get live updates.

2. Monitoring Something You Care About

Use Twitter to monitor something you really care. Searching the through the tweets of others you can always get to know what people are discussing about your interest. There are free desktop Twitter clients to us to create persistent searches -  recommend one’s are TweetDeck or Seesmic Desktop.

3. News Updates

Many news agencies have their official twitter accounts and you can follow them to get first hand updates.

4. Twitter as a Productivity Command Line

Whether you want to add a new event to Google Calendar, a new to-do to Remember the Milk, or a new note to Evernote, you can do it all via Twitter

5. Ask Questions, Get Answers

If you have enough followers with enough knowledge, Twitter is also a powerful place to ask questions and get answers.

6. Instant Communication with Friends

Via Lifehacker

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