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Are you frustrated about not being able to get hold of a Sony PlayStation 5? You are not alone. Thousand of gamers are anxious across the USA and waiting to pay 599$ to get their hands on PS5.

Why is PS5 Sold Out Almost Everywhere?

As of Dec 2020, PS5 is sold out everywhere and the reason for the shortage of availability is COVID-19! The COVID-19 impacted PS5 availability in two ways – first due to lockdowns throughout 2020, Sony was not able to manufacture enough consoles. And the second reason is lockdowns resulted in a huge spike in demand for online gaming consoles.

In an interview with Russia Agency, PlayStation’s Jim Ryan saysIt’s been difficult, it’s been challenging from the production side, not being able to get anybody into the factories in Asia… Before we started production, we had to do all the manufacturing preparation by camera remotely. I mean, just imagine that for a precision device like the PlayStation 5.

Check PS5 Stock Right Now

You can use the links below to check the status of PS5 stock in all popular retailers in the USA

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