T-Mobile releases an App to unlock mobile devices


T-Mobile is in no mood to stop innovating and outsmarting its rival wireless network providers in USA. Its been talk of the wireless community and rightly deserves the space for its push to make wireless providers more consumer friendly in USA. Just couple of days after US Government passed a law that made unlocking smartphones legal in USA, T-Mobile released an Android App to make unlocking smartphone as easy as few taps.

The app aptly named Device Unlock is available in Android Play Store and at the moment it can unlock only Samsung Galaxy Avant smartphones. The app lets you either temporarily unlock your smartphone for 30 days(very helpful for those who travel and wants to use their phone with other carriers) or send a request to T-Mobile to permanently unlock the device for ever. When user tries to unlock the device, the App verifies the user account to make sure that the account complies with T-Mobile rules. If the rule check passes, the app automatically unlocks the phone. The process is very simple and T-Mobile users are going to love this; the other carrier users would envy to have such a simple process to unlock smartphones.

Though this app is available for just Android Play Store and works only Samsung Galaxy Avant smartphone, it looks T-Mobile is testing out this feature on small set of users first to learn and improve unlocking process. Hope to see this app able unlock all T-Mobile devices soon.

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