Angry Birds Choose Bing As Their Official Decision Engine

Microsoft partnered with Rovio to integrate Bing right into the famous Angry Birds game. This integration has two elements: a series of videos showing off game characters using Bing to get clues and Bing search integration with the game. In Microsoft’s words

Starting today, you can watch as the pigs scheme creative ways to get their hooves on the treasured eggs via a 4-part animated video series sponsored by Bing.

Angry Birds will also feature search integration with Bing providing over a hundred clues to speed you through the levels and help squash the porcine thieves. Featuring Bing Image Search, Bing Maps, and Bing Shopping, the videos show Angry Birds fans how they can advance in the game, featuring the lovable Angry Birds characters.


Here are the cool Bing + Angry Birds animated videos

Angry Birds characters using Bing Image Search


Angry Birds go Bing – Map Search

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