How To Watch Indian Union Budget 2011-2012 Live On Your PC

The Union Budget of India 2011-2012 will be tabled on Lok Sabha on 26th 28th Feb, 2011. The finance minister, Mr. Pranab Muhkerjee will present the budget in the house and it will be broadcasted live on the TV channels(DD, NDTV, IBN Live and others) as well as on the web. For those who are willing to watch the budget session live on computers here is the required information.

National Informatics Centre – Budget 2011 Live Web Cast

Indian Government official stream of Union Budget 2011-2011 is available  at This live stream will provide the budget information as is, without any masala, hype or so called analysis by experts sitting in private TV channel studios (and talking rubbish!)

Windows Media Player version of live stream is available over here. As it’s a government website, better you use Internet Explorer browser to watch it. It may not work on Firefox or Chrome.

Indian Media Channels Covering Live Of Union Budget 2011 – 2012

Most of the news media channels live stream are available for free on the web, here are the few new channels you can watch live to follow Union Budget 2011 – 2012.

Caution: In the name of analysis, most of the media channels mislead the viewers and provide base less information at times. Take utmost care in absorbing the information you see in any of the Indian news channel.

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