How To Watch Live Streaming of PGA Championship

(4365)  Golf Thursdays by chispita_666 If you are a golf lover here is some good news – this weekend you can witness the last major PGA Championship of this year.

Major TV Channels are telecasting live of the event and you find the schedule over here.

Are you working this weekend or don’t have access to TV? Don’t worry, the PGA Championship is broadcasted live on the internet and it’s available to every for free. To watch the live streaming just point your browser to here

Along with the live streaming the website also provide interactive options as well as social features. You can chat with the people and also post your chat to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

This live streaming is available to USA residents. If want to try to access from outside USA, may be try your luck with the proxy servers(our list of 120+ proxies).

Watch PGA Championship Live Streaming

CC image credit: flickr/chispita_666

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