Video:Atlantis Launches On Last Shuttle Mission

The final launch of space shuttle Atlantis today marks the end of NASA’s 30-year-old space shuttle program. Once the space shuttle returns to Earth after its 12 days mission it will be moved to museum. Check out the embedded video of Atlantis final launch


NASA has no plans to develop new Space Shuttles as they are starving for money! For future space programs, NASA will depend on Russian space shuttles as well as on private firms like Boeing and Virgin.

Washington post says

After Atlantis returns to Earth – scheduled for July 20, the 42nd anniversary of the first Apollo moon landing – robotic tugs from Russia, Japan and the European Space Agency will deliver food, water and other supplies to the station. But none of those craft can carry heavy, bulky loads like the shuttle – such as replacement space station modules – which could be needed if a major segment of the space station failed.

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