Watch “I’m A PC With Pride” Microsoft Phase II Ads – Excellent Ads

Windows_generic_v_web Microsoft launched the phase 2 of it $300 million advertisement campaign. Unlike the phase 1 ads of Bill Gates & Jerry Seinfeld which are not catchy, the second phase of advertisements are very catchy and impressive. These ads are a good reply to  Apple’s unprofessional I’m a PC vs. Mac advertisements.

The way in which Microsoft promoting the pride of being an PC user is awesome and 80% of computer users(who use windows) accept this without any doubt. Don’t miss to watch these ads, you really feel proud of being a PC user

 Ad# 1: I’m a PC – With Pride


Ad# 2: I’m a PC- Not Alone

Ad# 3: I’m a PC


The Digg community which is generally against the Microsoft has reacted very differently to these ads. A post of these advertisements hit the front page and attracted 480 comments. Here are the few reactions of diggers

  • RBrenner14 – Well done, and long overdue, Microsoft. Maybe this will shut those Mac elitists up.
  • jasonh1234 – You sound just like I did 2 years ago. (Before I switched to the dark side.) OS X and Ubuntu…. FTW :-P
  • kinseyincanada – That was fantastic, shows that everyone everywhere is a PC, its not just some stereotypical ting that the Mac ads have turned it into. very well done.

You can watch first and second Microsoft Ads of Phase 1 here and here.

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