Football World Cup: How To Watch Live Streaming For Free

watch_live_streaming_of_world_cup_soccer_football_free_on_comptuers_mobilephone Soccer Word Cup is undoubtedly one of the biggest sporting events that attracts millions of fans across the globe. All the 64 matches, opening ceremony as well as the closing ceremony of this year’s word cup are telecasted in at least one TV channel in each and every country.

If you don’t have access to TV, you can always look for websites on internet that provide live streaming of the football matches. But finding an official and legitimate streams among the thousands of fake and malicious sites is a tough job. In this article we gathered links of legitimate sties that offer free live streaming on your computers as well as smart phones.

World Cup Soccer Live Streaming On Your Computers

ESPN 3 Soccer Live Stream– If you live in United States this is the first website you should to check for watching live streaming of all the 64 matches. ESPN 3 has tie up with majority of internet service providers, colleges and military bases to offer free streaming of soccer matches.

BBC Sports & ITV Sports  Live Stream   – For those who are in United Kingdom, BBC Sports and ITV are the websites to view high definition streaming of Soccer matches online for free.

CBC Sports Live Stream – CBC, the official Canadian broadcaster is live streaming all the FIFA matches online.

Univision Live Stream – This Spanish website is offering free streaming of all the world cup matches, but the commentary is in Spanish language. If you don’t mind muting volume and enjoying the visual of the football action, you may visit this site.

UStream TV Live Streams – You can check UStream for unofficial live streams of football matches. You may need some patience in identifying the right channel that is offering the football stream among the fake streams.

World Cup Soccer Live Streaming on Your Smart Phones

Catching up your favorite stars live on the go with your smart phones is super exciting . There are few website that offer live streaming on the compatible mobile device. Open browser on your mobile and fire up one of these sites, if your device is compatible you will be able view the streams

ESPN Mobile TV, the mobile site of ESPN is offering free live streaming to Sprint customers who own HTC EVO smart phones.

Optus,  one of biggest telecommunications providers in Australia is live streaming word cup matches for it’s customers with compatible 3G mobiles.

Access US  & UK Only Website From Outside

Few of the website that are offering free live streaming of foot ball matches are restricted to access from outside USA & UK. But luckily there are many web proxies and free tools like hotspot shield that lets us beat the restrictions and access the site content.

Beware of Fake/Malicious Website

If you Google for free live streaming of soccer world cup matches, you get a huge list of websites. But be careful of fake and malicious websites. These fake website may ask you to enter your personal details or install some unknown plugins which may harm.

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