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ZooZoo’s Are Back! Watch & Download ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 ZooZoo Ads

watch_and_download_zoozoo_ads_icc_world_cup_2011For the past couple of years VodaFone ZooZoo’s are integral part of major Cricket events. We have seen them as part of IPL 2 and IPL 3 and now as part of the on going ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 new ZooZoo ads are back on Televisions. 

ZooZoos are adorable and they are my favourite videos to watch to relax. So here I’m going to post all the ZooZoo ads that are being aired on televisions as part of ICC Cricket World Cup 2011.

If you love to keep the ZooZoo ads collections on you PC, you can click the download link next to each ad and save the videos. Downloads are available in FLV (for viewing on computers) and MP4 (for mobile phones) . Have Fun!

Vodafone 3G High Definition Game – Table Tennis[Download It]

Vodafone 3G High Speed Internet – New Flight Ad [Download It]

Excited girl Zoozoo Interview [Download It]

Pilot ZooZoo Interview [Download It]

Angry Zoozoo Interview [Download It]

Two ZooZoos Interview [Download It]

Vodafone 3G Speed Ad [Download It]