Tech Dreams

Google salutes moms around the world with a doodle

Google never misses to show its doodle love for big occasions. To mark Mother’s Day celebration today, Google is showing a very special animation of several kinds of mothers(animal and human) protecting their cute little ones. If you haven’t seen the animation yet, check it out at Google doodler Olivia Huynh said Happy Mother’s Day […]

Calm – A perfect app to introduce yourself to meditation

I’m like many of those who want to learn and practice meditation but could not find time. Though many meditation courses are offered around the neighbourhood where I live, finding 2 to 3 hours time required(get ready, drive, meditate & return home) to attend those classes is always hard. Other priorities like taking care of weekend chores at […]

Solving Kaggle’s Bike Sharing Demand Machine Learning Problem hosts a lot of interesting machine learning problems online and thousands of its members compete to solve them for a bounty. Problems hosted on Kaggle has varying complexity to accomodate newbies to rock star developers – few problems are good enough for  newbies to learn basics of machine learning and few of them challenge […]

T-Mobile releases an App to unlock mobile devices

T-Mobile is in no mood to stop innovating and outsmarting its rival wireless network providers in USA. Its been talk of the wireless community and rightly deserves the space for its push to make wireless providers more consumer friendly in USA. Just couple of days after US Government passed a law that made unlocking smartphones legal […]

Missing Print Option in Google Maps? Here Is How You Find it.

Summary: Wondering how to print driving directions on new version of Google Directions as there is no print icon on maps home page? Its buried under layers and you can access it by  searching for required directions first and then click on List all steps to see Print icon on top right section. The classic version […]

Want to book hotel stay using Bitcoin? Book using

The online travel booking leader Expedia announced that it started accepting Bitcoins for booking hotels on its website. For those who are new to Bitcoin, it is a digital currency in which transactions can be performed without the need for a central bank – its more like internet of currency. At the moment Expedia is […]