Tech Dreams

Nest reinvents smoke detectors. Introduces smart and talking smoke detector that keeps quite when you wave

Nest, the leading smart thermostat maker has introduced a smart home device today- Nest Protect, a smart, talking smoke & carbon monoxide detector that can quite when you wave your hand. Less annoyances and more intelligence Smoke detectors are around for hundreds of years and playing a major role in providing safety from fire accidents […]

Steve Ballmer’s tearful farewell to Microsoft [Video]

Weather you like or hate Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer, this farewell video of Ballmer is going to make you emotional. In his last Microsoft’s company meet as the CEO he thanks thousands of employees lined up to see his final speech. His energy was on full display  and his enthusiasm for Microsoft is electric.

Samsung introduces smart watch. But without any smartness!

The era of mobile phone can be classified as before iPhone and after iPhone. When iPhone was introduced they were revolutionary, smart, awesome and technologically far advanced than any other phone available in the market. iPhone is the first true smartphone and a game changer. With the same goal in mind, Samsung tried revolutionizing watch […]