Analysis Of Bot Swappers

As a result of this article, we aim to discuss the topic of bot swappers and compare their behavior to that of average swappers (i.e. non-bot swappers) in terms of number of swaps. In addition, check the percentage of swaps executed by bots over the past 30 days. Additionally, have a look at what pools and what …

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Solana NFT Dashboard

Check this dashboard to get an overview of Solana NFT ecosystem and learn more about Candy Machine as well as how Solana compares to Ethereum NFT ecosystem.

Fishes And Whales From Stargate

In this article, we point out the whales and fishes that own Stargate tokens as well as the percentage of users who belong to these categories. The Stargate network is a scalable, composable cross-chain bridge built on LayerZero that can transfer assets between different blockchains. One of the main shortcomings of most current bridges is …

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