Apple Makes $104 On Every Sale Of $149 iPod Nano Touch

Apple’s sixth generation iPod Nano 8GB is available in the market at $149 in US and £129 in UK. iSuppli, a market research firm who is well know for tear down analysis of gadgets, released a report recently and claims that it costs approximately $45.10 to manufacture a new iPod Nano.


According to the report, cost of 8 GB iPod Nano parts are estimated at $43.73 and $1.37 for manufacturing it. The total cost of parts and manufacturing is $45.10 which is just 30% of retail price of the device.


The most expensive components in the device are touch pad and memory, which makes up to more than 50% of material cost.

If iSuppli analysis are to be believed, Apple is making is more than $100 for every sale of new iPod Nano. That’s a huge margin for any business to make and Apple is well known for that.

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