Why APIs Are Good For Every Business?

Almost every major technology brand offers APIs (Application Programming Interface) for its developers to consume their services.  Amazon, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, eBay, Apple, Twitter, Facebook – the list of API providers is huge and ever growing. If any of us think that APIs are available only from technology brands then its wrong. Many businesses who are in non-technology sectors like real estates, travel, consumer good, etc do offer APIs for the developers.  And the best part of is, these APIs are available for FREE of cost. Why are they free? What drives the business to spend huge amount of money in developing the APIs and providing them at no cost?

API = A Profit Interface – It’s all about Money, Baby!

Yeap. It’s all about money. APIs drives the growth of business and generates millions of revenue. How is it possible? Here is the success story of eBay quoted from Alex Schultz blog post

eBay’s API is awesome. I love it and I keep saying it (much to the embarrassment of my colleagues). Without the eBay API companies such as channeladvisor and marketworks probably wouldn’t exist and the new startup I read about today certainly would not. The beauty of this API is simple, eBay makes money wherever and however users buy and list so long as they use the eBay platform to do it. There are more and more examples of how eBay is cropping up all over the web wherever people might partake in e-commerce. This API strengthens the core platform and hence is totally free to use up to 1.5million calls a day if you certify (which is also free).

It’s the same story with Google, Twitter and many others. There are thousands of applications being built using APIs of Google, Twitter and these application attribute to huge of amount traffic to the parent sites.  APIs directly or indirectly contribute a lot to the growth of business in a win-win model between the developers and the enterprise that offer them.

Gone are the days where business work hard on their own to generate revenue. Now key to success of business is set of useful APIs and a network of developers. An interesting tweet that I would like to share in this context is “No time/budget/people? No problem, just get yourself some API’s”.

Tech Dreams API – We Too. Baby!

Now we understand that there are many benefits in having API for a business. Why not we! Tech Dreams is a small blog, but it does not matter to be a big or small to offer an API. We want to jump in to the ring and offer a set of useful APIs for the developers.  To start with we will release Tech Dreams Trace Mobile API in couple of months.  Trace Mobile is our popular service that lets Indian users to trace location and service provider of a mobile.  Trace Mobile service is one of the most popular services in the terms of traffic as well as revenues. It accounts to 15% of our revenues and it’s the most visited page on our site.

So if you are developer, get ready to consume our APIs soon.

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