Apple’s Glass Roofed Retail Store Design Approved in a Second

Whatever Apple does these days is astonishing – their products, stores, product releases, media events and every speech of iPope Steve Jobs. Apple proposed to build a one-story building in Third Street Promenade that will have all glass  ceiling/roof and front wall of glass. When the plan was put forward for approval process with the planning commission, it was approved in a blink without even discussion.


 The Santa Monica Dispatch’s Peggy Clifford was at the meeting blogged

The surprise was that the staff put the project on the Consent Calendar. I cannot remember any large, complex commercial project ever going on the Consent Calendar. Apple was the only item on last night’s Calendar. And, under the rules, the Consent Calendar is approved as a whole – unless someone wishes to pull at item for discussion.
And in that crucial blink, the commissioners approved the Consent Calendar (aka Apple Glass House), and that was that – except for a staff report on the redesign of the Project Case List, after which they adjourned.

Just like their beautiful products, Apple’s retail stores are astonishingly beautiful and they are almost tourist attractions.

via macrumors

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