Apple’s New iMac lineup and Revolutionary Mighty Mouse

Apple is known of it’s innovative products like iPod, iPhone and iMacs. There are very few products in the market that can try to match (just trying to match, not competing) with any of the Apple’s products.

As the entire industry is trying to catch up with many of Apple products, Apple yesterday released a whole new series of updates to it’s iMacs and a very interesting Magic Mouse. Might Mouse is an iPhone of mouse. It replaces all the mechanical parts like scroll wheels and buttons with an all touch enabled source.


Apple says

The same Multi-Touch technology first introduced on the revolutionary iPhone comes to the mouse. It’s called Magic Mouse, and it’s the world’s first Multi-Touch mouse. Click anywhere, scroll in any direction, and swipe through images on its smooth, seamless top shell. It works wirelessly using Bluetooth, so you don’t have to worry about cables or adapters cluttering your workspace. And built-in software lets you configure Magic Mouse any way you want.

Geeks are saying that Apple declared a war on entire PC industry and looks like blogosphere is just talking only about Apple but nothing else. There are thousands of articles being written by bloggers and popular news media sites. Techmeme has gathered the best of all the articles on new iMacs and Mighty Mouse and you read them over here

If someone thinks that it’s a media/blogs hype then they may be proven wrong after watching this video that introduces the Might Mouse and iMac updates.

I fell in love with Macs after watching the video. I spend all my day with Microsoft PCs at work as well as at home. By profession I’m a Microsoft developer and live with Microsoft related technologies. But after seeing the above video, I feel like owning a Mac. That’s much impressive are the new Macs.

Apple is an innovation power house with an aim to revolutionize the consumer electronics. Every year they innovate something or other that revolutionize the way in which we deal with digital life. Today’s Apple is like the early Microsoft that brought computer to each and every house.

But now a days seems to be Microsoft is hardly innovating anything. Apart from Windows and Office, what is so great with Microsoft? Is there something innovative from Microsoft in the recent? I don’t think they have anything to boast other the Windows 7 which is receiving love from all corners of Technology world.

Microsoft is spending millions of dollars on advertising their products like Bing, XBox, Zune, Windows 7, etc. But Apple products are freely marketed by millions of blog and media as they are very innovative and game changing.

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