Bharati Airtel Brings Twitter SMS To India

Twitter-Bird If you live in India and use Bharti Airtel mobile phone service, here is some good news: now you can send and receive tweets of your twitter account through SMS.

Bharti Airtel, the largest mobile phone service provider of India has struck a deal with Twitter to bring Twitter SMS features.

To get started, login to your twitter account and register your mobile phone as a device. Follow the onscreen instructions to verify your mobile number and once you are done with the verification you are all set to send and receive tweets via SMS.

Even though receiving your tweets through SMS does not cost you much, but posting tweets to your timeline costs the standard SMS rates. (What if you are using unlimited SMS plan from Airtel? May be dial 121 and find out from customer care)

Not an Airtel Customer? You Should Wait Another 4 Weeks

The exclusivity of Twitter SMS features for Airtel customers is only for first 4 weeks. After that most of the mobile providers in India will be able to offer Twitter SMS service to their customers.

How to use Twitter On Mobile Phones[Video]

This simple video explains how to use Twitter on Mobile Phones.


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1 thought on “Bharati Airtel Brings Twitter SMS To India”

  1. dude, its been 8 months since you said it would take 4 weeks for other telecom service provider to catch up with what is exclusive to AireTel.

    You should have kept you audience posted if it didnt happen

    Anyways, good to find someone is sharing something with his audience.


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