Apple’s New iPod Shuffle – Even Smaller, More Spacious And Talks To You!

Apple always overwhelms with the most beautiful and feature rich iPod players. Today they introduced all new iPod Shuffle that is half the size than its previous model and smaller than AA battery! Added a new feature called VoiceOver, that get you around the lack of display by telling the name of the current track and artist.


The capacity is also doubled to 4 GB that can hold upto 1,000 songs and the control wheel is replaced with buttons on ear phones that allows you operate the iPod. Another major enhancement is the ability to organize songs in playlist. This is the first time ever songs can be organized in playlist on an iPod Shuffle. Thanks to elegant design of 3 new buttons on ear phones that made playlists possible.

Colors, Dimensions and Batter Life

The new iPod shuffle is available in silver and black colors with a new 1.8 inch tall and 0.3 inch thin design. It weighs unbelievably at 0.38 ounce or 10.7 grams!! You can have a look at all the technical specification here

Available in silver or black, the new shuffles retain their crown as "the smallest music players" with a new 1.8-inch tall x 0.3-inch thin design the weighs just 0.38 ounces. Expected battery life from the built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery is said to be "up to 10 hours" on a full charge. Depleted batteries will reportedly recharge to 80% of their capacity in 2 hours, or 100% in 3 hours.


How Many Languages Does It Speak?

Well as of now Apple taught 14 languages to iPod shuffle – including English, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish. Soon we can expect more languages.

Video Demo

Quick Rundown Of New Features

  1. Size is reduced to half of the previous generation
  2. Memory capacity is increased to 4 GB from 2GB
  3. VoiceOver technology that tells you the name of the current track and artist
  4. Playlists to organize songs

Pricing and Availability

The new iPod Shuffle is available at Apple Store and tagged at the price of 79$

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