Control Any Device Anywhere Using Eyes And Tongue

The title of the post sounds very different. I can realize that it adds a curiosity for you to check if we can really control our devices using our eyes and tongue. Well, the answer is “Yes, You can”. I can hear your next question too. How is it possible? Well, Engineers at Osaka University have made it possible.


Japan is considered to be a place where most of the unconventional discoveries happen and the place is famous for its unbound inventions. Osaka University in Japan has come out with an idea of developing a new system which enables the users to control the electronic devices such as MP3 player and make them navigate through the tracks by their simple wink or a smile. “Mimi Switch” is the nick name of new system and it has a small ear bud which measures the different actions or facial expression of the person, thus converting the same to appropriate action based on how it is programmed.

A lead researcher Kazuhiro Taniguchi in Osaka University suggested that, if you are using iPod device, it can be switched on by just sticking your tongue out, skipping song by wide opening your eyes and moving to the previous played song by winking your eyes. Also the team assures that the software can be easily integrated with devices like headphones or glasses and it can be used to control various other home appliances too.

This invention seems to be very novel and for sure would be very useful for many of us, as we tend to do multiple works simultaneously. So if this is plugged in with our music system in our car, we don’t have to keep changing the songs with our hands rather just wink our right eye and that makes it move to the next song. Sounds interesting.

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