Apple’s Sep 10th event confirmed. iPhone 5S and low cost iPhone 5C launch is expected

The much rumored Apple event on September 10th is confirmed. Apple sent official event invitations to media houses and popular bloggers across the globe with the title "This should brighten your day".


For the past couple of months there are a lot of speculations on next generation iPhone. Media and bloggers are dubbing it as iPhone 5S and rumored to have finger print sensor for biometric authentication, 12- or 13-megapixel camera with dual-LED flash, and a gold-colored variant. Another speculated surprise Apple may pull out is a low cost variant of iPhone called as iPhone 5C. In order to fight Android penetration, Apple is speculated to announce a plastic iPhone in multiple bold colors similar to the Nokia phones.

The new iPhones will be running on iOS 7, a new flat UI which is drastically different from previous versions. iOS 7 is in beta for several months and it heavily barrowed user interface clues from Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system.

What ever Apple is going to introduce on September 10th, gadget freaks and investors are eagerly waiting to see if Apple can continue innovating after Steve Jobs. Since 2011 this is the big launch

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