Google accidentally revealed Nexus 5 phone in Android Kitkat launch video

Today Google officially announced KitKat as the name of the next version of Android OS(v4.4). They posted a video to showcase the unveiling of the KitKat statue at the company’s headquarters, but they accidentally revealed much more. 9to5Google spotted an unreleased Android smartphone in the video and they posted screen grabs of Googlers using it to take photos.


This unreleased phone could be the next version of Google Nexus phone. Google few days ago reduced price of Nexus 4 smartphones by $100 and 8 GB version is reported out of inventory. With all these signs it seems to be clear that it is just weeks away for the launch of Google Nexus smartphone.

Soon after the news of leaked smartphone spread on blogs, Google pulled Kitkat launch video to private. But few bloggers managed to save a copy of the video and uploaded to other video sharing websites. Check the embedded video

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