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If You’re Not Apple, You Lose

TheAppleBlog has a interesting article on the dominance of Apple in today’s consumer market. Apple is so dominant that if they release a product then the businesses who are already in that space are out. Apple’s products are the yard sticks through which the rest of products are measured. 


No matter what your company did in the past two years, Apple did it better. It reminds me of Sony in the 80s and Microsoft in the 90s. Companies were afraid of Microsoft in the 90s. All Microsoft had to do is decide to enter your space and you’d be out of business, if you weren’t lucky enough to be bought by the company. That’s not the case anymore. In this sense, Apple is the Microsoft of this decade.

Recently Asus lowered production of their netbooks as they are facing a stiff competition from Apple’s iPad. RIM and Nokia are struggling to survive in the business, Apple’s iPhone knocked them out. No need to say about the iPod that knocked literally every music playing device out of the the market.

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