Google Experiments Search As You Type

google_logoDo you know that Google Search runs around 50 to 200 experiments at any point of time? That’s interesting, and very few of us get bumped into experiments while using Google Search in our day to day activities.

One among those experiments Google is now running is “real time results” that display the search results as we type. No need to hit enter or click on search button, the results are refreshed as you type. This experiment was spotted by Rob Ousbey, an SEO consultant, and later it was confirmed by Google. Check the embedded video and see the experiment in action.

As you see in the video, not only the search results that are refreshed in real time but also the contextual ads. Contextual ads are bread and butter of Google, and no wonder they are centre of Google’s experiment.

By the way, is the broadband speeds around the globe ready to support this feature?

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