9 Best Sites To Read Reviews Before You Buy An iPhone App

iPhone As there are hundreds of applications available on Apple App Store for iPhones it is tough to decide which application to buy or not to buy.

Another unfortunate issue is that there is no way to try an application before purchasing. App Store does not provide any demo version of applications to download and try them.

iPhone App review sites comes very handy to know about an application before shelling out your hard earned money. Check out a list of great web sites that provide detailed reviews of iPhone Apps.

1. AppVee

AppVee understood that it is unfortunate that we cant try an application before purchasing and they provide a demo video of the application as part of their review. AppVee is a great web site for detailed review of iPhone Apps along with video demonstrations.

visit AppVee.com

2. Apple iPhone School

Apple iPhone School has mini reviews of the applications with loads of pictures and occasional video demos. This site also hosts reviews on the process of jail breaking the iPhone and the applications that run on jail broken iPhones.

visit Apple iPhone School

3. What’s On iPhone

The mission of What’s On iPhone is to review the latest applications, be the forum of iPhone and provide application resources. With a great team of engineers, writers, home makers and other professionals What’s On iPhone provides excellent reviews.

visit What’s On iPhone

4. iUseThis

The iUseThis iPhone application review website stands out from the rest of the review sites by providing the count of people really using the application. This makes it easy to decide which one to buy if you have more than one application in the same arena.

visit iUseThis

5. App Store Apps

App Store Apps web site hosts a list of Top 100 Paid and Top 100 Free applications. So if you are a new iPhone owner browse the tow lists to get a glimpse of best of iPhone Applications available for you.

visit App Store Apps


There are few blogs that post reviews of interesting iPhone applications and provide good insight information

  1. The Gizmodo iPhone App Reviews
  2. Ars Technica iPhone App Reviews
  3. iPhone Alley iPhone App Reviews
  4. Life Hacker iPhone App Reviews

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9 thoughts on “9 Best Sites To Read Reviews Before You Buy An iPhone App”

  1. Дизайн порадовал ) только вот в Опера 10 чуток смазанно смотрится …

  2. I checked out each of the sites…and I actually like the one Rich suggested (http://www.slapapp.com). It’s a much smaller outfit than the others from the look of it, but I dig it. I definitely like the unbiased reviews aspect of it.

    SlapApp.com also has a badass iPhone app out now called SlapApp (http://www.slapapp.com/slapapp.html). I downloaded it yesterday and have been slapping people at work non-stop. Everybody loves it. Definitely check it out in the iPhone App Store (http://www.itunes.com/apps/slapapp).

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