Apple Rocks On With New iPod Nano, iPod Touch, iTunes & iPhone OS Software 2.1

Apple today announced a number of new products for the upcoming holiday season. Here is a roundup of Steve Jobs announcements from "Let’s Rock" event held at San Francisco

The New iPod Nano

The fourth generation of iPod Nano is very sexy – oval design, black wheel, iPhone like curved edges and portrait in shape. "The thinnest iPod we’ve ever made" said Steve Jobs as he introduced it.

iPod nano

Features of new iPod Nano in a nut shell

  • Built in accelerometer that automatically adjusts the screen orientation as you turn it to the side ways – you can now view view photos, videos and browse through albums in the landscape mode
  • Sensors that shuffles through the songs when you shake it (remember the Sony Erricson shake-to-shuffle Walkman mobile?)
  • iPhone like headphones with a clicker, volume control, and microphone.  Press once to pause, press twice to go to next song and press thrice to move to previous song
  • Built in voice recorder
  • Cost – $149 for 8GB, $199 for 16GB
  • Available in 8 colours – silver, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red and pink
  • Genius support(more about this feature below)


iPhone OS 2.1 Software Update

The new firmware v2.1 is announced for iPhones (as well as for iPods) to solve many of the problems that surfaced after the release of iPhone 3G. The new software is expected to improve the battery life, reduce number of drop calls, fix lot of bugs and dramatically improve the synchronisation speed with iTunes.

iTunes 8 with HD Shows, Movies & Genius

The latest version of iTunes has tons of new features to manage songs, videos and other multimedia content on iPods, iPhones and Apple TV.

  • Genius – a new recommendation engine from iTunes(also built into iPods). It  goes through your music, analyses them, and creates play lists on the fly that matches to your interests
  • HD Movies & TV Shows – now you can buy/rent HD shows from iTunes
  • NBC is back to iTunes – the NBC that broke up with iTunes some time ago is back to iTunes

New iPod Touch

The new iPod touch has received a much needed boost to its design and features list. Now it has got chrome rim with a tapered back(just like iPhone), external volume controls and built Nike + integration that allows you track running statistics.


Pictures Credit: Apple

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