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How To Set Google Chrome As Your Default Web Browser

Google Chrome LogoGoogle Chrome is the new sleek, light weight web browser application from search giant Google. When Google chrome is installed on your computer, it is not set as the default browser and also whenever you launch the browser it does not warn if it is not set a default web browser.

Internet Explorer & Firefox web browsers warn users by default and provides an easy option to set them as default browser on startup. But not sure why Chrome does not have any such features.

If you want to set Google Chrome as your default web browser here are the steps to be followed

1) Launch Google Chrome web browser application

2) Choose Options menu using the small tool icon available on the top right corner of the browser window; Opens ups Options window

Google Chrome Options Menu

3) Click the button Make Google Chrome my default browser. If you are running on Windows Vista, accept User Account Control prompt.

Setting Google Chrome as Default Browser

4) Close the Options window

From now onwards by default all the URLs and web page shortcuts are opened by Google Chrome browser.

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