Buy iPhone 3GS For Rs. 19990 From Airtel & Vodafone

The news of iPhone 3GS re-launch in India for Rs.19990 is now official and you can buy the iPhone from Airtel and Vodofone stores across India. Airtel India website is updated with the availability of the 8 GB model of 3GS at Rs.19,990 but Vodofone seems to be still in the process of updating their website.


iPhone 3GS is going to give tough competition to most of the mid range Android mobiles that cost between 15,000 to 20,000. Many new mobile buyer who is looking for a smart phone at mid range budget would prefer to get an iPhone 3GS instead of Android mobile. And for those who can afford 30K+, there is an iPhone 4.

Personally If I’ve to buy a new phone today at the budget of 15k, I’ll definitely add another 5K  and buy an iPhone 3GS. Owning an iPhone is always special. Isn’t it? What do you do?

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