Does a 77 Year Old Person Like To Use iPhone Siri? Of course!

iphone-siri-logoWhen Apple releases any product, they just work irrespective of age, capability and ability of the users. It’s in the DNA of Steve Jobs and his colleagues at Apple to build products that just work with out any learning curve.

The recent iPhone is loaded with Siri, an intelligent personal assistant. But can a 77 year old person quickly learn to use Siri for his day to day activities? Lets hear from a son who trained his 77 year old dad to use Siri on iPhone

He caught on much faster than I thought he might. I was feeling proud of him and believed Siri would be a real productivity help in his life — seeing that, at 77, my dad still works full time as a realtor. I was encouraged that he really liked and would use his new personal assistant.

Or at least I was until my mom called later that night. "Your father and I were just practicing with his new phone,"

Sigh. Well Siri will be great for my dad…if and when he remembers how to find her.

Apple products are not for just techies like Android mobiles, they are for everyone. You can read the full story over here

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