Tips To Manage An Effectively Come Back To Work After A Long Vacation

productivity_tipsVacations are very relaxing – no need to reply to endless mails, no marathon meeting or conference calls. It’s all about fun during the vacation. The troubles begin as you near the end of vacation and plans to think about getting back to work.

Once we are back to work after a long vacation there will be many things to worry – a pile of snail mails, hundreds of unread emails,  a flood of phone calls to answer and a stream of scheduled meetings. How to handle all the backlog and catch up quickly with the inflow of work?

Here is a management tip from Harvard Business Review blog to get back to work the right way after a long vacation

Block off your morning. Make sure you don’t have any meetings scheduled or big projects due. Then before you open your inbox, pause and think about your work priorities. As you make your way through emails and voicemails, focus on returning the messages that are connected to what matters most. Defer or delegate things that aren’t top priority. And remember it will probably take more than one day to get caught up, so be easy on yourself.

Hope these tips lets you plan a right comeback to work after your vacation.

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