Install Flash On iPhone 4/3GS and iPad

adobe-flash-on-apple-iphoneHere is another good reason to jailbreak your iPhone – you can install Flash and enjoy flash based websites on awesome iPhones.

Frash (well, Flash) is now available for all the jailbroken iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPad devices. Installation of Frash application is as simple as any other application you install using Cydia.

Here are the simple steps to be followed

  1. Jailbreak your iPhone/iPad by visiting on your device
  2. Open Cydia > Manage > Sources
  3. Edit source and add
  4. Search Frash and install it.

You are all set to browse Flash based websites on your Safari browser. Watch videos, play games, listen music and do what ever you can. By the way, Flash components on a web pages does not play automatically. You need to tap on the Flash component to start playing it.

This application does not work on iPhone 3G due to it’s incompatibility with the hardware.

via Lifehacker

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