iOS 5: How To Enable Camera On Lock Screen

ios5_logoApple’s iOS 5 is a terrific operating system with 200+ new features empowering iPhone, iPad users. I wrote about few less known and useful features of iOS yesterday. Here is another such useful feature for all the photography lovers.

iOS 5 lets you to grab pictures quickly even when your mobile phone is locked. This really helps you to cut time when you are in real hurry to capture photos as few seconds decided whether you are going to miss or capture the moment.

To enable to Camera on Lock screen all you need to do is to double tap the home button and Camera icons popup next to the unlock slider. Tap on the camera for immediate access.


Is it possible to always display the camera icon so that there is no need to double tap the home button? No, at least in the current version of iOS 5 its not possible, may be in the future version Apple may add.

image credit: osxnews

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