Guess What Is The Side Effect Of BlackBerry Outage? 20% Less Accidents!

Few days ago BlackBerry service was down due to a technical glitch. Users in USA, Europe, Middle East and Africa were not able to access web, send or receive emails or use the popular BlackBerry Messenger service.


While users and corporates were angry with BlackBerry due to the outage, the police in Dubai had a different feeling – they were happy as the number of road accidents are drastically reduced by 20% during the outage. In the same line Abu Dhabi too reported a drop in non-fatal accidents to as much as 40%.

Police officials in both the countries directly attributed the reduced number of accidents to BlackBerry. Lt Gen Dahi Khallfan Tamim, Chief of Dubai Police, was quoted by The National as saying,

The accidents that occur from the use of these devices occur range between minor and moderate ones, but at times they are deadly.

It may be wrong to blame just BlackBerry alone. In general its deadly to talk while driving. We should avoid using phone when driving.

via NDTV. cc image credit: flickr/amtokyo

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