iOS 5: View Details Of Used and Unused Space Of Your iCloud Account

icloud_storage_informationApple’s iCloud is an awesome free storage service that lets you store music, photos, apps, calendars, documents, and more on the Cloud. Also it wirelessly pushes them to all your iOS devices automatically.

The free iCloud service offers everyone with 5 GB space to starts with and once you reach the cap you can subscribe to a premium account with few dollars of fee. If you would like to monitor iCloud usage details here steps to be followed on an iOS device

1. Tap on Settings app

2. Choose iCloud  from the list of available options

3. From the list of iCloud settings tap on Storage & Backup option

4. Under Storage section you will find the details of iCloud usage – Total Storage and Available Storage

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1 thought on “iOS 5: View Details Of Used and Unused Space Of Your iCloud Account”

  1. Eagerly waiting for iOS5 and its 200+ kids :)

    iCloud is going to be a massive hit. Not sure whether it replaces Dropbox or not.

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